Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring for the photoshoot?

You can bring or have up to three changes of clothes for your photo session and if you want to bring children’s favorite toys or a teddy bear, blanket etc please feel free to do so.

What to wear?

If it is a studio set up shoot we always use a white or black background so we encourage wearing simple, one-colored clothes for adults so your children can steal the spotlight.  Generally block colors and stripes work well in the images. We always recommend avoiding patterns as they may make the photos busy and take away the attention from our objective.

How long will the photoshoot last?

The phtoshoot in each package offered lasts between 2-4h. We allow and allocate the time for unpredicted but rather necessary breaks such as: feeding time, nap time, tantrums or moodiness and lack of cooperation from the youngest members of the family, all taken into consideration!

How long do we wait for the images and what is the process after the session?

It depends on the package and number of images. We will select the best forty to fifty images from the session (up to seven working days) so you can pick your favorite ones .You will be able to view low resolution version via a link you receive from us. Once you picked your final images selection you will receive your edited images both via link and on a disc.   If you order prints you receive those as well, however the waiting time might be longer. Overall time from start to finish shouldn’t exceed three weeks unless a client takes unusually long with making their final selection.

If you prefer to chat over the phone I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your Family Photography