On being flexible

And I am not talking only in your yoga class, but mostly with your mind and during your photo shoot!

As much as we want to control things in life sometimes we simply just can’t! Family Photo shoots are one of those things. You plan and plan and plan and you have this idea in your head how it should happen and what the end result should be and then on a day…. it just doesn’t happen: the kids are not cooperating or the weather is bad and it just happens to be an outside shoot!

Well…. here is where the real creativity comes in and here is where you need to let go completely and let your photographer do the job and stop stressing and be flexible! As a family photographer I am used to those situations and sometimes simple tricks like spending more time with your children on a little chit chat and getting to know them or engaging them in a shoot from my perspective does the trick. Sometimes it is blowing up bunch of balloons that I have at hand brightens up the day for little ones (yes I do have those in an emergency box J) or blowing bubbles or singing a song or making a complete and utter fool out of myself helps in situations where parents are losing faith for a great shot!

So it is important to come relaxed and open minded and let the creative juices flow and be flexible with the ideas that you had as there are so many unexpected things that happen on a shoot day that you most probably are going to end up with an even better image that you had envisioned!

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