Successful preparation for a Family Photo shoot

In order to make sure you are well prepared for your photo shoot the key factor is planning everything in advance. Here are few tips to ensure the best Family Photography preparation:

Firstly the timing: it should be around the time where the baby/child is at its best when it comes to enthusiasm and energy! 10-11.00 normally works best for starting Family Photography shoot!

Secondly: do the prep talk: children tend to get excited about anything that is new: new places, new people, new things etc so it is a great idea to give them a little build up and tell them about the studio, what we are going to do and that they will have lots of fun of course! And if they are old enough you can promise we will play hide and seek at the end of the shoot: yep I do that as well, studio and its surroundings are great for an awesome hide and seek game!

Thirdly: bring 3-4 changes of clothes for them and lay them out so we are ready to put them on as soon as we are done with one setting and want to move on to the next one; because here is the thing: the novelty of big lights, backgrounds and a charming photographerJ will wear off pretty quickly but fear not: your photographer got your back.! While you are changing your children and preparing for a shoot I have few tricks and props that will both surprise and excite them again and we get a new wave of enthusiasm, energy. Before you know we are capturing those beautiful smiles and laughs for you again! We continue with this cycle until we ran out of clothes changes!

Lastly and equally super important: food, snacks and drinks. I got you covered mostly but if you have got special requirements please do let me know in advance. The last thing we want is a grumpy little one who will throw tantrums because he/she is hungry!

Other than that: come rested, relaxed as much as possible and trust me to provide you with a great family photography experience!

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