Why/how I became a photographer?

It wasn’t really my choice. However it wasn’t something I regret for sure! Ever since I was little I used to spend after school time at my mom’s studio first watching and then started helping out with the lights and the studio set up. What a great fun that was for an 8 year old! Later my mom noticed my interest and started teaching me things about photography and family photography as well as taking me to assist her at weddings. When at the age of 16 I did my first professional wedding it pretty much took of from there. I explored photographing friends, developing my own images in the darkroom, I have set up my own studio in our basement and I was constantly looking for new subjects to photograph and I worked for my mom almost every weekend photographing weddings! Everything that I have learnt was from my mom and dad and through my own trial and errors.

Why Children, Family Photography mainly? I am not going to pretend to be modest here as there is no other way to say it: children LOVE me! I mean honestly I don’t know how I do it, they take to me really quickly and I find the photo-shoots with them an absolute joy! I love the challenges they give me as well and I find it immensely fulfilling when I get a great shot that shows that rapport with me.

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